What is Steel On-Ground Hoarding?

Steel On-Ground Hoarding is a temporary fencing system that doesn’t require posts to be dug into the ground, unlike in-ground hoarding. It is considered a great investment compared to timber hoarding as it is reusable and can be set up across multiple projects. It is cost-effective and high security making it one of our most popular fencing solutions. When setting up, the system includes hoarding panels, fence clips, concrete ballast blocks and hoarding ballast systems including stabiliser trays, arms and anti-lift brackets.

At Safe Fence, we offer a full turnkey solution of design, supply, installation, end-of-project de-installation, transportation and re-erection at a different site. A Temporary Works Design can be supplied for any project. You can read about the In-Ground Hoarding system we completed for Pentadel HERE – we installed a 315m fencing ring to ensure the safety and security of the site.

Quick to Install

Typically most fencing contractors can erect approximately 100 metres each day of On-Ground Steel Hoarding. This is a much faster installation process when compared with many other fencing systems. For example, a daily average for a decent installation team is 40m of Palisade Fencing, 45m of Safe Mesh and 30m of Timber Hoarding.

Cost Effective

When calculating the cost of this system against most timber plywood systems, you are saving approximately £10 per metre. There are ways of increasing and decreasing costs here – adding infills, ground skirts, double block trays, more ballast such as concrete blocks.


It is impossible to reutilise timber hoarding after it has been cemented in the ground by concrete for several months. With an on-ground system, it can be fully dismantled, moved and reinstalled – making it a much greater investment and enabling you to save money on future projects.


Although the steel hoarding system has box profiled sheets, which divot in and out to provide strength to the panel, it is easy to tek-screw on dibond panels or cover with netting – which Safe Fence can customise to your requirements. We can also powder coat the panels and accessories to match your corporate colours, which often gives a much better finish and life span then painted timber hoarding.

Temporary Works Design suitable

Safe Fence work closely with engineers to provide specific temporary works designs for each job – this is an additional cost but is a necessity on most major sites for health and safety.