Working with Pentadel

Pentadel Project Management design and deliver modern and innovative industrial facilities for businesses and brands in both the UK and around the world. Safe Fence were called to install a 315m perimeter fence built out of In-Ground Steelwall Hoarding around a construction site. One of the main challenges of this project was ensuring the safety and security of the site. Safe Fence had to ensure that the fence line had to have no gaps, this was done in order to prevent visibility to the public and reduce ease of access to potential trespassers.


With the security of the site being a top priority for Pentadel, Safe Fence meticulously planned the project specifications to properly ensure total, visual coverage of the site to ensure no visibility for pedestrians and reducing the risk of trespassing. To do this required specialised tools and materials to work with on-site, which is why Safe Fence chose In-Ground SteelWall Hoarding to meet the client’s needs.


Operating and functioning to full efficiency in an entirely closed construction site required the installation of specific gates. Safe Fence fitted a 6m Vehicle & Pedestrian Gate – this ensured that despite the heightened security measures taken with the hoarding construction, they still allowed protected access for the Pentadel team at the correct points of the site. Safe Fence fitted a 6m Vehicle & Pedestrian Gate.

Project Details






315m installation of steel wall hoarding.


Safe Fence On-Site

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Project Completed

With strict security and safety requirements on site, Safe Fence delivered a complete 315m fencing ring on-time and within budget around the proposed Pentadel construction site.

Having fulfilled and exceeded all requirements from the client regarding limiting pedestrian visual access and ensuring that the construction site could function at optimum efficiency by allowing the movement of materials & personnel on and off-site via the vehicle and pedestrian Vehicle Gate installed on-site.

Tools of the Trade

What is Steel Hoarding?

The SteelWall fencing system is perfectly designed to make up site compound perimeter fencing. The in-ground and ballast options mean that it can be adapted to suit any terrain as required. The heavy duty nature of the system also makes it extremely safe for storing your goods and equipment.

The SteelWall system is made up of SteelWall Hoarding Panels that are connected to in-ground SteelWall posts or a Ballast tray system using Top Hat Brackets and M10 Bolts. The system comes in both 2.0 meter and 2.4 meter heights, with in-ground posts typically being dug-in around 600mm to provide enough support to prevent any damage to the panels in adverse weather conditions.

The SteelWall compound fencing system is also typically supplied with built in SteelWall Pedestrian Door Panels for civilian access and Heavy Duty Steel Vehicle Gates.

A SteelWall compound can also be finished in corporate colours to give an asthetically pleasing and professional finish. We can paint or powder coat your hoarding panels and posts to suit your requirements. Most construction and building sites opt for a painted finish because of the cost saving, however painting does not provide a perfect finish and this can run and/or chip. Powder coating is a much superior finish and is suggested where aesthetics are important.

The robust and durable nature of this system also makes it completely reusable, meaning that you get better value for money using a SteelWall system rather than a throw away hoarding product such as Timber Site Hoarding.

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