Working with Countryside

Countryside is the UK’s leading mixed-tenure developer specialising in building communities and homes throughout the UK. Countryside were faced with a challenge. They needed a suitable and sturdy barrier for day-to-day use On-Site to demarcate vehicle lanes and pedestrian walkways.

Safe Fence offer a range of Water Filled barriers which are lightweight when they are moved into position, making installation easy. Once they are filled they become heavy, meaning they can withstand wind loading and act as a durable demarcation barrier. We also recognised that as the barriers were being used to highlight pedestrian walkways and vehicle routes, they needed to be high visibility. Therefore, we installed our red and white Buddha Barriers with chapter 8 compliant red and white reflective strips on them.

Uneven Ground Challenges

After Safe Fence first visited the planned works site at Countryside we instantly realised our challenge would be erecting an effective structure on such uneven ground. The team at Safe Fence then came up with a solution to layout the barriers top & tail to provide a more rigid structure, then putting the Buddha Barriers all facing the same way around. This out-of-the-box thinking meant Safe Fence still provided Countryside with exactly what they wanted whilst delivering a high quality of work.

Project Details




Countryside Homes


Demarcation of site entrances, walkways and work areas.


Safe Fence On-Site

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Project Completed

The completion to a high level despite environmental challenges the demarcation of all site entrances, walkways and work areas at Dayrell Road, Northampton.

Impressed with the results and ingenuity displayed by our on-site team Countryside have decided to go ahead with another 2km of Buddha Barriers on a second site in Hereford.

Tools of the Trade

What are Buddha Barriers?

The Safe Fence Anti-Trip Water Filled Separator, also known as the Buddha Barrier, is the first of its kind on the market in the UK. This revolutionary traffic management product takes all of the pro’s from other water filled barriers currently on the market and blends them into one unique product.

These anti-trip road separators will stand up when empty, adding water increases the capacity to 27.2kg. At 800mm in height, it creates a safer environment for pedestrians over traditional Water Filled Separators that are normally 500mm high, as well as this, the Safe Fence Anti-Trip Water Filled Separator can be fitted with a metal fence panel that creates a barrier over 1.8m in height.

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