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Traffic Management

Safe Fence is one of the UK’s largest distributors of traffic management equipment – we have access to supply of a massive variety of bespoke products allowing us to fulfill different needs. We also have inventive and sophisticated traffic solutions such as concrete Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers with high security fencing extensions and a series of heavy duty water filled road barriers, crash tested at various speeds.

Traffic management equipment is essential for road contractors and maintenance companies that want to maximise safety, while abiding by all the necessary regulations. Amongst our most popular products is our Chapter 8 Road Barrier – which is the most competitively priced on the market. We are also one of the largest suppliers of the incredibly innovative Anti-Trip 800mm Water Filled Road Separator.

What to Consider

There are many factors to consider when setting up Traffic Management plans.

Setup Location

Where you are setting up your traffic management system makes a huge difference to your project costs and complexity. Highly qualified staff are required to set up traffic management schemes on major roadways and much more planning is required. This requires further costs due to the requirement for additional skilled labour. In contrast managing traffic on private land doesn’t have the same associated costs and is much simpler. Therefore traffic management setups for many festivals and events can have two distinctly different elements, on and off public highways.

Traffic Speed

Different product ranges are required for vehicles travelling at different speeds. For example, cones and signs may be suitable for vehicles travelling under 5mph. However, traffic moving at high speeds such as 30mph requires heavy duty solutions such as crash tested concrete or water filled plastic barriers to ensure the safety of motorists, pedestrians and workforces.

Construction site aerial view with construction equipment in situ

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers

Safe Fence has an experienced track record of installing Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers. We hold stock of temporary concrete safety & security barriers, offer unique bespoke design of mesh & timber hoarding extensions and for building purposes we are also able to supply interlocking blocks and precast drainage products. Concrete barriers are commonly used to create safe working areas, to prevent unauthorised access to private land and as traffic barriers to help direct traffic flow.

Recently we worked with PP O’Connor – a full service construction company – who required an off-road barrier to secure a demolition site. Read about the planning, support and on-site installation provided to get the barriers in place to meet their requirements HERE.

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers are made with high strength concrete, which enables the barriers to increase site safety – forming formidable security barriers. They are easily maneuverable being easily removed and repositioned should emergency access be required. The installation is easy if you have a forklift on-site and lifting chains, or our installation team can take care of everything for you if required.

These precast concrete barriers are manufactured using high strength concrete – 50N/mm2. The barriers are 3150mm long, 450mm wide and 800mm high with a weight of 2600kg. They must be installed by a Highways Agency approved contractor. We can then bespoke design and install a range of mesh and timber fence extensions to increase the security of your concrete barrier system.

Concrete Jersey Barriers are also available which offer an interlocking feature – this provides an additional layer of security against unwanted visitors whilst allowing sections to be easily removed and repositioned should emergency access be required. In comparison to Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers which are used more to direct traffic & keep people safe, the primary aim of Jersey barriers is to prevent unwanted access to sites. They are primarily a traffic security barrier, rather than being used directly on highways.

Site Entrance and Security

Manual Raise Arm Barriers are a low maintenance and cost effective way of controlling access to unauthorised areas. They are very easy to use and have many features designed to assist the operator. Typically used in commercial environments, these barriers are safe and secure being CE approved – able to be locked in the open position as well as closed.

These barriers are made up of a pedestal and pole arm, also coming with a lockable end rest, padlock and keys. The pedestal is 1110mm x 444mm x 300mm and the pivot assembly is made of an aluminium box section, zinc plated shaft pivots to two heavy duty stainless steel bearing blocks. The pole’s dimensions are 94mm x 64mm and is made from steel and aluminium.

The design of the standard manual raise arm barrier incorporates a locking mechanism, allowing you to fix the barrier in the raised or lowered position prior to applying the padlock. The unit weight of the pedestal and pole arm is 79kg. Fixings include M16 anchor shield bolts and an M12 end rest. Skirting is available at a maximum of 6m.

There is a heavy duty manual raised arm barrier available with enhancements. It spans an area up to 9.0m with a 8.0m bottom skirt – it is a 7.0m span with a 6.0m bottom skirt for the standard barrier. The product is heavier with a 89kg unit weight and has larger dimensions – the pedestal being 1110mm x 400mm x 520mm and the pole 123mm x 84mm. The skirting options are available up to 8m for this heavy dirty barrier.

Swing Arm Access Gates provide a cost effective solution to locations where automated barrier or gate entry systems are not necessary – it is commonly used in parking environments and for meeting road access or traffic management requirements. The gate can be locked in either the open or closed position via additional post and padlock providing excellent security to any area when required.

The gates are manufactured from high quality steel and powder coated for a durable finish. Its robust structure means it is ideally employed in unmanned areas with low volume traffic. The gate comes with a hinged post and a swing arm length of 3.0m – 6.0m. An additional latch post is available for locking.

Rectangular Car Park Barriers are our more heavy-duty vehicle access gates ideally suited to the entrance and exits of car parks. They also come in a galvanised finish and with hang and slam posts. The barrier sits 1.0m high and between 3.60m and 4.88m wide.

Route Planning & Marking

Route Planning and Marking are important at both events and on construction sites to keep the flow of traffic moving and keep vehicles and pedestrians separate.

Safe Fence offers a range of barrier systems to help clearly mark out routes and keep the flow of traffic moving. We have teams that can help you plan and design your traffic and pedestrian flow. Once designed we can help with the installation and maintenance of this traffic system.

We recently completed a project with Countryside – the UK’s leading mixed-tenure developer specialising in building communities and homes throughout the UK. Buddha Barriers were set up for day-to-day use to help create safe routes on site for vehicles and pedestrians. Read about the case study HERE.

All of our Route Planning and Marking products are highly visible, robust and lightweight making them easy to transport and store.

We can supply and install:

  • Chapter 8 Road Barriers
  • Traffic Cones
  • Road Signs
  • Flexi and Spring Back Cylinders
  • Water Filled Road Barriers
  • Baulk Timbers
  • Vehicle Access Mats and Bog Mats
Safe Fence Chapter 8 Plastic Traffic Barrier in Red.

Our Road Barriers are Chapter 8 compliant – tested by industry leading utilities and traffic management companies. They have a simple yet effective design which are highly popular with traffic management companies, civil engineers and building contractors. They are commonly used to direct traffic and keep pedestrians safe next to roadworks, construction and building sites to protect workforces and civilians from potential dangers. They come with sturdy standard black feet or specialist anti-trip feet which eliminate hazards on one side – these come recommended in highly pedestrianised areas. The barriers are 1.0m high and 2.0 wide and are available in a variety of colours. Barrier lights and stillage can also be purchased for safety and logistics reasons.

Plastic Pedestrian Safety barriers are also available to manage the safety of civilians in busy public areas such as festivals, marathons and events – despite not being as heavy duty as Chapter 8 Road Barriers, they are incredibly durable and strong.

Water filled traffic barriers are sturdy and long lasting traffic separators – most commonly 650mm in height and 1130mm wide. They enable safe and sound traffic management with simple and rapid installation. Forklift guides are built into the design so manoeuvrability on site is not an issue – this allows the barriers to be stacked quickly, securely and efficiently. All of our traffic barriers are recyclable.

Flexi Cylinders are an effective, budget option used to segregate cars. They are lightweight but tough and durable. Their base fixes to the ground and they self-right after being knocked over and your vehicle won’t be damaged if it hits the cylinder. They are a less secure route planning solution but are low maintenance and easy to install.

Signals and Signage

We have a wide range of signs and signals available to safely manage traffic – all manufactured to meet the required standards and regulations in both public and private settings in the UK. Our range provides the best value for money on the market and with direct access to road sign face manufacturers, we can have bespoke signs made specifically for your requirements.

Traffic signals and signs must be professionally planned and set up. We offer to take control of the whole process for you to make setting up temporary road signals and signs simple. Our professional teams will take control of the whole process and supply all of the equipment from our own stock holding.

UK Road Services Roadworks Cones and Signs.

Directional road signs are available to highlight the path vehicles should take to ensure they stay on the correct path. ‘Keep Left’ and ‘Keep Right’ signs are used at the beginning or end of a designated route to manage traffic flow. The products have a long life span due to their robust design and do not rust. They are safe and easy to handle, easily stackable for storage and transport and are priced extremely competitively at Safe Fence. They are an eco-friendly option, made from recycled Polypropylene.

Safe Fence On-Site Support

Materials, Design & Installation. Simple.

Safe Fence On-Site offers full turnkey solutions for all installation projects. Whether it’s design, logistics, supply, installation or project maintenance, we simplify the most difficult aspects of our client’s projects.