Working with Copart

Copart are one of the biggest car salvage yards and used car dealers in the UK with over 8000 unique vehicles on-site, in multiple yards/locations. Health & Safety as well as the effective protection of assets on-site was crucial for both SafeFence and our client.

After thorough project planning in collaboration with the Copart management team, we identified several pain points we needed to consider during the installation:

Arboriculture Work

This arboriculture work on-site included the removal of trees and other organic materials from site before planned works could commence.

Health & Safety

Copart operate a lively working site with over 8000 used or salvaged cars being stored, moved and sold during our planned installation. Health and safety of both our staff and Copart’s had to be our #1 consideration, with proper planning we recorded 0 accidents/incidents during the full installation.


After identifying the need for removal of arboriculture from Copart’s site we had to plan the distribution of required materials both on and off-site effectively, to ensure minimal downtime and an efficient spend of both Staff and Client time.

Project Details






801m of Palisade Fencing Installation


Safe Fence On-Site

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Project Completed

With over 8000 vehicles on site, Copart required a new compound for storage. After working together to identify requirements, Safe Fence supplied over 800m of Galvanised Palisade to meet their needs.

Copart’s location now has improved health & safety standards, tighter security for the car storage and enhanced logistics for their on-site staff.

Impressed with the results upon project completion, Copart put the wheels in motion for future work with Safe Fence. A 27.5m installation of 1.8m Palisade PC Blue in Full Sutton Industrial, Estate, York is next.

Tools of the Trade

What is Palisade Fencing?

Palisade Fencing is a cost effective, formidable permanent security barrier, which acts as a significant deterrent to intruders. It provides a valuable layer of protection for goods against damage or theft.

Safe Fence palisade fencing is manufactured in the UK and meets or exceeds the toughest of demands from our clients.

The quality of fencing materials is incredibly important when deciding a significant capital expenditure on any security fence installation that’s built to last over 25 years.

In order to make sure that all of the palisade we supply is top quality, we have partnered with some of the UK’s largest and most trusted palisade manufacturers. Providing each palisade bay is Galvanised to industry specific standards (BS EN ISO1461) every time.

All of our powder coated palisade rails, palisade pales and palisade posts are galvanised before they are powder coated. This means that our powder coated palisade fencing has two layers of protection against corrosion and rust. This gives the palisade fencing system a significantly longer life span, whilst also providing a clean and professional finish.

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